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  • We are excited to announce the first annual P/M James Watt Memorial Piobaireachd competition at this year's summer school. Peter Rolstad has very generously donated a trophy for this event, which is bound to be popular. James Watt was the founder of WAPM and is still remembered fondly. For more about James Watt, please see the About WAPM page.


  • Bursaries are available! See the Bursaries and Scholarships page.


  • The dates for the annual summer school will be June 29 -July 3, 2005 at Queen Margaret's School, Duncan BC. Please let me know if you would like a brochure.


  • We're very pleased to have John Fisher as drumming instructor at this year's school again. This will be the ONLY school that John will be teaching at in Western North America this summer. What a great opportunity for drumming students. 


  • The registration form for the summer school is now available on the website. You can print it off and send it. Sorry, we're not on Paypal  yet!